Potato, Onions & Tomato

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Baby Potato

MRP Rs.40.00 Rs.40.00

Baby potatoes usually have a soft brown thin external skin with a creamy off white interior. It has a sweeter taste...


Big Onion - Savola

MRP Rs.23.00 Rs.23.00

About:Onion is a vegetable which is almost like a staple in Indian food. This is also known to be one of the essential ingredients of raw salads. They come in different colours like white, red or yellow and are quite in demand in cold salads and hot soups. You can dice, slice or cut it in rings and put it in burgers and sandwiches. Onions emit a sh..


Potato (Urulankizhangu)

MRP Rs.27.00 Rs.27.00

About: Potatoes are prepared in many ways: skin-on or peeled, whole or cut up, with seasonings or without. Potatoes are nutrient-dense, non-fattening and have reasonable amount of calories. Include them in your regular meals so that the body receives a good supply of carbohydrates, dietary fibers and essential minerals such as copper, magnesium, a..


Small Onion

MRP Rs.52.00 Rs.52.00

About: Sambar Onions are relatively smaller onions with a mild flavour and slightly sweet taste. Sambar Onions contain high amounts of fibre and flavonoids. They can heal infections and reduces inflammation. They also have antioxidant properties that help prevent cancer and digestive or heart diseases...


Tomato Country (Nattu Thakkali)

MRP Rs.12.00 Rs.12.00

About: l tomatoes are a premium range of carefully grown and safely harvested fully red tomatoes hand-picked directly from the farm. These tomatoes are partly sour & partly sweet and contain many seeds inside which are edible. The colour is beautifully red due to the presence of lycopene, an antioxidant. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant th..


Tomato Hybrid

MRP Rs.22.00 Rs.22.00

About:Tomato Hybrids are high-quality fruits compared to desi, local tomatoes. They contain numerous edible seeds and are red in colour due to lycopene, an anti-oxidant. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that reduces the risk of cancer and heart-diseases. They protect the eyes from light induced damage. Tomatoes are used in salads, soups, c..

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