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American Sweet Corn 1pc - Approx 250g to 400g

MRP Rs.16.00 Rs.16.00

About: Sweetcorn is a cereal with a high sugar content. Cooking sweet corn increases levels of ferulic acid, which has anti-cancer properties. Sweet corn contains numerous yellow succulent kernels that have a starchy and doughy consistency...



MRP Rs.189.00 Rs.189.00

About:Broccoli is an edible green plant in the cabbage family. Broccoli has large flower heads, usually green in color, arranged in a tree-like structure branching out from a thick, edible stalk. Brocollis have clusters of small, tight flower heads. These heads turn bright green on cooking and tastes slightly bitter...


Capsicum Green

MRP Rs.45.00 Rs.45.00

About: Green capsicums, also known as green peppers are bell shaped, medium-sized fruit pods. They have thick and shiny skin with a fleshy texture inside. Green capsicums have powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in Vitamin A, B complex, C and phytonutrients. Relieves pain of bone disorders and has the capacity to relax the ..


Colour Capsicum

MRP Rs.136.00 Rs.136.00



English Cucumber

MRP Rs.36.00 Rs.36.00

About:English cucumber is a variety of seedless cucumber that is longer and slimmer than other varieties and have a higher water content. They do not have a layer of wax on them, and the skin is tender when ripe. Cucumbers keep our body hydrated. Its hard skin has good amount of fiber and minerals. Eating cucumber improves digestion and reduces str..


Fresh Green Peas Ooty

MRP Rs.56.00 Rs.56.00

About:Which helps convey a taste closest to that of new peas. It is a protein rich with high number of nutrition benefits. They are as well high in nutritional value of minerals, vitamins and amino-acids. They are a very excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamin K...


Lettuce Ice Berg

MRP Rs.95.00 Rs.95.00


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