Root Vegetables

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About: These edible ruby red roots are smooth and bulbous and have the highest sugar content than any other vegetable. Red beets lower blood pressure, promotes brain and heart health. It fights inflammation and boosts energy levels...


Colacasia Big

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About: A stuffy, fleshy underground root, Colocasia is also called 'Taro Root'. It is oval/globular in shape with a hairy coating on its skin and whitish yellow flesh. Colocasias are rich in carbohydrates and dietary fiber. They contain high levels of vitamin A, C, E, vitamin B6, and folate and regulate blood glucose levels, blood pressure, hypert..

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Elephant Foot Yam - Chena

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About: Yams are a good source of vitamin C. They also provide a good amount of fiber, potassium, manganese, and metabolic B vitamins. The content of vitamin B6 is good for shrinking the effects of homocysteine, which can do real damage to cell walls and ultimately lead to heart attacks and/or stroke. The crunchy edible root is chiefly composed o..


Sweet Potato

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About:With flesh colours ranging from white, orange and yellow, sweet potatoes are ovate and cylindrical with golden brown or white-brown skin and a delicious sweet flavour. Sweet potatoes prevent diabetes and reduce blood pressure. They influence fertility. They are advised to consume regularly during pregnancy and breast feeding...



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About: Tapioca is a staple food for millions of people in tropical countries, it provides only carbohydrate food value, and is low in protein, vitamins and minerals. Starchy and mild flavoured Tapiocas are edible roots with a grainy textured flesh. Tapioca promotes healthy weight gain. They ease digestion and are useful for muscle growth and devel..

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