Regular Fruits

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Papaya 1Kg

MRP Rs.24.00

About: Papaya flower The papaya is a small, sparsely branched tree, usually with a single stem growing from 5 to 10 m tall. Papaya fruit provides 43 kilocalories and is a significant source of vitamin C and a moderate source of folate but otherwise has low content of nutrients. They are half green and half yellow. Papayas reduce the risk of macul..


Pineapple 1pc - Approx 1.2kg to 1.9kg

MRP Rs.28.00

About: The fruit is loosely fibrous and juicy with white to yellowish flesh. The edible center part is firm, leathery and sweet. Pineapples reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a disease that affects the eyes as people age due to vitamin C and antioxidants present in it. Reduces inflammation and blood clot. Storage and Uses: The fruit itself..


Pomegranate Kg

MRP Rs.98.00

About: Pomegranates are used in baking, cooking, juice blends, meal garnishes, smoothies, and alcoholic beverages, such as cocktails and wine. The flowers are bright red. Red-purple in color, the pomegranate fruit husk has two parts. Pomegranate juice lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol. Reduces the risk of heart stoke. Gives a boos..

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