Close Up Everfresh Tooth Paste Cool Breeze 150g

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Say goodbye to bad breath and welcome to a minty fresh breath like no other with Closeup Cool Breeze formulated with a unique active zinc mouthwash formula and in an all-new flavour! Coming from the house of Closeup, this purifying blue gel gives you long-lasting freshness while cleaning, protecting, and whitening your teeth so that you have the confidence to make the move. Bad breath is a common condition that affects many people and has health as well as social implications. It can be caused by the millions of bacteria that live in your mouth. If you don't brush, floss or use mouthwash every day, plaque germs can form resulting in bad breath. Closeup Cool Breeze with Triple Fresh Formula harnesses the combined power of 3 components - Active Zinc mouthwash, Purifying Gel and Natural Extracts of Cardamom and Mint to keep your mouth clean, protected, and fresh. Its unique Active Zinc Mouthwash not only cleans deep corners of your mouth of residual germs it also gives you upto 12 Hours Fresh Breath. It helps your teeth stay strong and healthy thanks to the fluoride in it and helps reduce the yellowing of your teeth. Upto 12 hours of lasting fresh breath is based on In-vivo study with regular use over 4 weeks.
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